Racing Seats Introduction

Racing Seats Introduction

CPA2002 Series Installed on 2012 Ford Mustang

How the seat fits into the car

This is always a difficult one, and honestly, not one that we can advise our customers on many times. Racing seats are designed to be universal, which by definition, means they are made to fit into all cars. What that actually translates to though, is that they fit no car perfectly. In every racing seats installation, you will have to make it work.

Racing seats are made to have “universal fitment”, which means that out of the box, you will have to make them work in your specific vehicle.

Although it is true that no race seat will “bolt right in” to any car, there are options that make installation easier. After all, it would be a pain if professional installation was required for all race seat installs (however, we do recommend professional installation if it’s in your budget.) Some racing seats can be bottom mounted but most are side mounted.

Side Mounting
Let’s start with a side mount installation. In a side mount installation, the seat is first mounted to a pair of seat brackets known as “side mounts.” The bottom of the side mounts can then be attached in one of three ways:
1. Directly to the Vehicle’s floor pan
2. To sliders - which allow you to slide your seat forwards and backwards
3. To a vehicle specific seat bracket
If you plan on mounting the side mounts directly to the vehicle’s floor pan, then your install will require a custom solution.

If you want to be able to slide your seat forwards and backwards, you will want to mount the side mounts to a set of sliders. Cipher sliders can be mounted to such as a Wedge, Planted Technology & Cipher seat brackets. There is a limited variety of car-specific solutions, however, so you will want to evaluate the brackets available for your vehicle before you decide to tackle an install job yourself. You can find the seat brackets that we offer.

If you prefer to keep the seat stationary, and not allow any future adjustments, the side mounts can attach to car-specific hardware directly. The hardware you use can vary, but in general, the hardware attaches to your vehicle’s chassis via the OEM seat holes and then attaches to the bottom of the side mounts. See the image below if you’re still unclear.

This picture shows the difference between what you use to bottom mount and side mount a seat.