Installatian Guide 08+ Subaru WRX Harness Bar CPA5007HB

CPA5007HB - 2008+ Subaru WRX Harness Bar

Installation Guide

Download CPA5007HB - 2008+ Subaru WRX Harness Bar Installation Guide PDF Version
Download CPA5007HB - 2008+ Subaru WRX Harness Bar Installation Guide PDF Version


1) Tilt seats forward toward front of car.

2) Remove Outer Seat Trim
a. Remove plastic trim pieces that cover the outside rear of the seat slider frame
b. Plastic pieces are snap on, a small screwdriver may be required to unlatch them

3) Unbolt Driver’s Side Seat Belt Anchor
a. At base of B-Pillar locate seat belt anchor
b. Using 17mm wrench, remove bolt holding lower portion of seat belt

4) Unbolt Passenger’s Side Seat Belt Anchor
a. On passenger side the anchor is attached to a bracket that ties into the seat frame.
b. Using a 17mm wrench, unbolt the Bracket from the Seat Frame to detach the seat Belt and be sure to take note of how the bracket attaches to the seat frame for reassembly later

5) Remove upper B-Pillar Trim.
a. Uncover top bolt using a pick or small screw driver, and use 10mm socket to remove bolt
b. Carefully pull back lower B-Pillar trim to remove bolt on bottom of upper B-Pillar trim using 10mm socket.
c. Repeat for opposite side.

6) Install Main Harness Bar:
a. Using a 14mm wrench, remove the bottom bolt that attaches the shoulder belt slider mechanism to the B-Pillar

7) Install Main Harness Bar
a. Position main harness bar ends into the B-Pillar shoulder belt slider mechanism brackets
b. Repeat for opposite side; again do not fully tighten fasteners.

8) Prepare Tension Rods:
a. Install a rod end with jam nut into each Upright Tension rod

9) Install upright Tension Rods
a. Install bottom of tension rod first.
b. Position rod so that the bottom rod end is flat against the inside of the floor where seat belt anchor bolts were removed in steps 3 and 4
c. Install supplied bolt through holes with a washer on each. Do not tighten completely
d. Repeat for opposite side.

10) Install Tension Bar Rod Ends into Main Harness Bar
a. Determine final position of Main Harness Bar
b. Bar should be level and evenly spaced in the car.
c. Move tension rod into position to bolt into the lower bracket of the Main Harness Bar.
d. Adjust Rod End to desired height in order to match holes in Main Harness Bar.
e. Install supplied bolt through holes with a washer on each side and fix with nylock nut. Do not tighten completely
f. Repeat for opposite side

The following instructions only apply to kits in which you will be cutting your own B-Pillar Panels.

11) Cut B-Pillar Panel
a. measure and determine amount of material to be removed from b-pillar cover to allow harness bar end brackets to pass through cover.
b. carefully cut cover using a dremel or other small detailed cutting tool.
c. Repeat for opposite side.

12) Install Cut B-Pillar Panels
a. Now that the Main Harness Bar has been set in place tighten the bolts on the B-Pillar Brackets that were installed in step 5.
b. Re-Install the cut B-Pillar Panel over the installed Harness Bar, be sure to feed the seat belt anchor back through the hole in the front of the B-Pillar Panel and align the button mechanism with the shoulder belt pivot to allow the shoulder belt to be adjusted up and down
c. Install the rest of the trim pieces that were removed (Except Seat trim Removed in Step 2, Install these after the bolt check in step 14)
d. Install stock seat belt anchor to floor (on passenger side be sure to properly install bracket that fixes the seat belt anchor to the seat frame) torque to 32 ft-lbs.

13) Tighten all Bolts
a. Do a bolt check
b. Ensure that Main Harness Bar is in final desired position and tighten all bolts to the B-Pillar Brackets, Upright tension Rods, Floor Brackets, and tighten the jam nuts on the Rod Ends.
c. Install Seat Trim removed in Step 2.

14) Install Seat Belts
a. Install you seat belts as desired onto Harness Bar.