Installation Guide 12+ Scion FRS & BRZ Harness Bar CPA5004HB

CPA5001HB - 2012+ Scion FRS & Subaru BRZ Harness Bar

Installation Guide

Download CPA5001HB - 2005+ Ford Mustang Harness Bar Installation Instruction PDF Version
Download CPA5001HB - 2012+ Scion FRS And Subaru BRZ Harness Bar Installation Guide PDF Version


1) Tilt seats forward toward front of car.

2) Remove upper B-Pillar Trim.
a. Uncover top bolt using a pick or small screw driver, and use 10mm socket to remove bolt
b. Carefully pull back lower B-Pillar trim to remove bolt on bottom of upper B-Pillar trim using 10mm socket.
c. Repeat for opposite side.

3) Remove Rear Seat Cushions
a. Remove 10mm bolt from front of seat cushion
b. Seat cushion can now be removed.
c. Repeat for opposite side

4) Remove Rear Side Panels
a. Remove all covers to access rear lower seat belt anchor.
b. Repeat for opposite side

5) Install Support Bar Bracket
a. Remove bolt holding rear seat belt anchor
b. Install “L” shape bracket under anchor with slotted side down and threaded side facing opposite side of vehicle.
c. Re-install bolt and tighten at this time

6) Re-Install Rear Side Panels
a. Repeat for both sides

7) Install B-Pillar Trim
a. it may be necessary to trim b-pillar cover to allow access to shoulder belt bolts once installed
b. install of main harness bar can be done without trimming b-pillar covers but is much more difficult.

8) Install Main Harness Bar
a. Position main harness bar ends into the B-Pillar shoulder belt bolts using supplied and original hardware.
b. Hardware order is as fallows starting from the head of the bolt: Bolt, Washer, Harness bar end bracket, ½” spacer, seat belt anchor, OE spacer, OE washer.
c. Repeat for opposite side; do not fully tighten fasteners.

9) Prepare Tension Rods:
a. Install a rod end with jam nut into each Upright Tension rod

10) Install upright Tension Rods
a. Install bottom of tension rod first.
b. Position rod so that the bottom rod end is flat against the inside of the “L” shape bracket installed in step 5
c. Install supplied bolt through holes with a washer on each. Do not tighten completely
d. Repeat for opposite side.

11) Install Tension Bar Rod Ends into Main Harness Bar
a. Determine final position of Main Harness Bar
b. Bar should be level and evenly spaced in the car.
c. Move tension rod into position to bolt into the lower bracket of the Main Harness Bar.
d. Adjust Rod End to desired height in order to match holes in Main Harness Bar.
e. Install supplied bolt through holes with a washer on each. Do not tighten completely
f. Repeat for opposite side

12) Tighten all Bolts
a. Do a bolt check
b. Ensure that Main Harness Bar is in final desired position and tighten all bolts to the B-Pillar Brackets, Upright tension Rods, Floor Brackets, and tighten the jam nuts on the Rod Ends.
c. Install Seat Trim removed in Step 2.

13) Re-Install Rear Seat Cushions
a. Slide seat cushion back into place
b. Re install 10mm screw to front cushion bracket
c. Repeat for opposite side

14) Install Seat Belts
a. Install you seat belts as desired onto Harness Bar.